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Principal's Message

As we look ahead to the 2018-2019 school year we are excited to announce two new employees at the junior-senior high school.  Starting this fall will be Ms. Liz Naviaux. Ms. Naviaux will teach Spanish and two sections of Agriculture. Ms. Naviaux previously taught at Spirit Lake.  Our second new staff member is Ms. Mary Lack. Ms. Lack will teach all the social classes offered at CCE. In addition, Ms. Lack will coach junior high volleyball and junior high track.  Ms. Lack was a 2018 graduate of South Dakota State University. She graduates with the all social endorsement from SDSU.

We are excited to announce the addition to our extracurricular offerings a fall play.  Ms. Kulish and Ms. Keenan presented a proposal to the board in June to offer a fall play and their recommendation was unanimously supported by the board.  This proposal for a fall play was the result of a survey sent out to students during the spring of 2018. Approximately 60 students responded to the survey and more than a third of those students were definitely interested in participating in a fall play.  The dates for the play will be held on November 30 and December 1st. Thank you to Ms. Kulish and Ms. Keenan for their initiative to expand our speech and drama department by adding a fall play.

We would like to thank all the patrons of Clay Central Everly for attending the public meetings and participating in the community survey this past spring and summer.  As a result of these efforts we are assure you we are doing our best to respond to this data. First, a request was stated to add a Spanish teacher to our district. As mentioned above we are pleased to announce Ms. Naviaux as our new Spanish teacher for the fall of 2018-2019.  Second, survey responses wanted to see more real life and job experiences offered in the curriculum. Our May term concept was approved for the second year and was a success for making twenty first century skills more relevant for our students. Third, our survey wanted more educational and music opportunities.  We are in the process of adding a computer science coding unit of instruction to our curriculum as well as approval for the fall play. Thank you for attending our public meeting and responding to our survey.

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