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Iowa lakes Community College Courses


The program allows 11th and 12th grade students (10th grade students identified as talented and gifted by the their local school district) to enroll in college courses. Through the program, individual students may enroll in a college or university course if the course is not offered at their school. Successful completion of the course also generates high school credit and applies toward district subject area and graduation requirements.

Iowa Lakes Community College (ILCC) has set a maximum number of 21 credit hours to be completed each academic year. It is strongly recommended by the school district that students begin by enrolling in one ILCC course in order for students to fully understand the dynamics and demand of an online college course.

  • Students must complete and/or submit the following before the term for which they plan to enroll:
  1. Be enrolled in 11th or 12th grade, (10th grade TAG identified student)
  2. Good academic standing 
  3. Complete course application form
  4. Complete the ACCUPLACER, or provide ACT scores- passing scores needed
  • High school students are allowed in college classes on a "first come first served" basis until the classes are full for Arts and Science courses.
  • The class drop and tuition refund policy will be the same as that for regular college students.
  1. drop in the first week: 100% refund
  2. drop in the second week: 60% refund (complete drop only)
  3. drop in the third week: 40% refund (complete drop only)
  4. no refund after the third week
  • The college has a established a maximum of five courses per year, for each student.