Clay Central Everly Awarded TLC Grant

Clay Central Everly Awarded TLC Grant

Clay Central Everly was awarded Iowa’s Teacher Leadership Compensation Grant in the spring of 2015.
The TLC grant rewards effective teachers with leadership opportunities.  Through this program, teachers are given more support and more opportunities for teacher collaboration allowing all teachers to learn from each other.

We know that improving student learning requires improving the instruction they receive everyday.  The TLC system believes there is no better way to do this than to allow our best teachers to lead the way.  

Last school year, all teachers had the opportunity to apply for specific positions.  The grant requires that any teacher applying for the positions must have at least three years of experience and have worked in the district a minumum of one year.

Once applications were submitted, a panel of four (two administrators and two teachers) reviewed the applications and made decisions based on their knowledge of the teacher and the teacher’s responses on the application.  

Clay Central Everly was one of 39 districts awarded the TLC grant this year with a total of 115 districts participating in all.  Each school district is given the freedom to tailor the program to meet their own specific needs.  

Kim Harken, the district’s Curriculum and Professional Development Leader/Instructional Coach will begin to look at the district’s current curriculum.  Together with administration, they will look for gaps and overlaps based on the Iowa Common Core.  Ms. Harken will also be responsible for all required curriculum state reporting.  Ms. Harken will collaborate with the TLC team to design individualized, building and district  professional development aligned with the Iowa Common Core.  She will continue to support teachers throughout the year in meeting the district’s goal of raised student achievement.  

Ashley Tessum, the district’s Technology Integrationist, will meet with individuals,  small groups, and whole district sharing the latest innovative uses of technology in the classroom.  She will assist teachers with lessons and resources.

Bruce Tepfer, Kim Harken, and Murray Gafkjen have the responsibility of working with 1st and 2nd year teachers to meet state mentoring requirements.  CCE was excited with the addition of four new teachers last year and an additional four this year.  

Model Teachers, Lynn Cronk, Lori Larson, Allyn Heikens, and Betsy Schoelerman, serve as models of exemplary teaching practice related to building and district goals.  They will share professional strengths with colleagues through classroom observations and collaborations.

Internal Coaches, Marlana Tewes, Ashley Tessum, and Mary Ann Jobst, coordinate, share knowledge, and support  other teachers regarding district initiatives.  They will collaborate with staff to analyze student data and select instructional strategies.  

The Clay Central Everly school district is excited to begin implementation of the the TLC system for its 2015 - 2016 school year. These teachers in coordination with all of Clay Central Everly’s excellent teaching staff will continue to focus on developing and maintaining a safe and positive environment that promotes a sense of self-worth, responsibility, high expectations and achievement so that all of our students will become exemplary members of our community, state, and nation.