Instructional Coach

Athletes have them; so do singers...
Whether it is in arts, athletes, business, or education, coaches help enhance skills, build expertise, and nurture great performances.
Research shows that the greatest impact on student learning in school is the classroom teacher.

What do Instructional Coaches Do:

  Content Planning:
Develop learning targets
  * Assist in lesson planning
  * Develop guiding questions
  * Create learning maps

Research and share content reading strategies
  * Research and share content comprehension strategies
  * Review methods for providing feedback
  * Assist with differentiation instruction
  * Develop effective question techniques
  * Review assignments for effectiveness and quality
  * Infuse technology into lessons
  * Develop thinking prompts
  * Integrate cooperative learning
  *Enhance authentic learning opportunities

  Community Building
Create a learner-friendly culture
  * Help create behavior plans
  * Establish physical environments that create a positive and productive learning 
  * Enhance transition time
  * Increase time-on-task
  * Boost student engagement
  * Increase opportunities for student response

* Assist with analysis of assessment data
  * Create and use formative assessments
  * Develop and assess learning targets
  * Increase variety of formative assessments